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Car Rental in Kortrijk with Thrifty

Kortrijk is a quaint Belgian city known for its fascinatingly beautiful architecture, and thriving cultural scene. Thrifty Car rental in Kortrijk is a wise move whether you plan to see the lovely medieval city centre, or travel through the mesmerising countryside.

You can easily and quickly explore the best of Kortrijk with a rental car from Thrifty. A trip to Bruges, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its attractive canals and well-preserved medieval architecture, is one adventure that is best enjoyed by vehicle.

Thrifty has a fleet that is affordable and eco-friendly. While hybrid models are encouraged, non-electric vehicles are also offered. To have the opportunity to see Kortrijk and its environs at your own leisure, rent a car from Thrifty.

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  • Prominent and Safe Parking Lots:
    • Schouwburg parking: This paid lot is close to the city's Schouwburg theatre. Tram and bus stops nearby make the city centre accessible.
    • Veemarkt parking: As it is close to the train station, commuters and tourists can easily utilise the train services.
  • Charging Points for Electric Vehicles:
    • Parking Haven: There are electric vehicle charging stations nearby at Parking Haven. This parking lot is located close to the city's harbour and provides EV users with easy charging options.
    • Broeltoren parking: Additionally, Broeltoren Parking has electric vehicle charging stations. This parking lot is adjacent to the renowned Broel Towers.

Driving within the central parts of Kortrijk is normally prohibited at speeds more than 30 km/h (18 mph). The normal speed restriction in residential parts of the city is 50 km/h (31 mph). 

On the roads encircling Kortrijk's periphery, the standard speed restriction is typically 70 km/h (43 mph). 

The speed limits on suburban roads and highways are 88km/h (55 mph) and 120 km/h (75 mph), respectively.

  • E17: This is one of the main thoroughfares that runs through Kortrijk. It provides access to significant Belgian cities including Ghent and Antwerp.
  • R8: The Kortrijk city is encircled by the R8 ring road, which makes it simple to visit various locations inside the city. It enables smooth mobility across Kortrijk by linking different neighbourhoods.
  • N50: Through Kortrijk, the N50 highway connects the city to the neighbouring town of Waregem.

Roads with Maximum Traffic:

    • The E17 motorway, especially the sections near Kortrijk, experiences heavy traffic. The R8 ring road around Kortrijk can also have significant traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours. The N43 route, which connects Kortrijk with other nearby towns and cities, is prone to heavy traffic, particularly during rush hour.
    • Peak Traffic Hours: The peak commuter periods in Kortrijk are often weekday mornings (about 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM) and evenings (approximately 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM). This causes more traffic to build up on the previously stated highways and routes.
  • From Kortrijk, travel northwest on the E17 highway.
  • Continue travelling along the E17 for another 40 kilometers (25 miles), passing through towns like Deinze and Waregem.
  • To join the R4 ring road surrounding Ghent, take the exit for Ghent-Zeehaven.
  • The lovely city of Ghent, renowned for its medieval architecture and lively atmosphere, may be reached by continuing on the R4 for about 10 kilometers (6 miles).

Kortrijk, a Belgian city with a throbbing heart along the winding Leie River, is a treasure trove of unique spots, both historical and contemporary.  With Thrifty Car Rental in Kortrijk by your side, traversing the length and breadth of this charming city can be a real pleasure totally worth your time and money.

●   Broeltorens/The Broel Towers: These iconic medieval twin towers overlooking the Leie River are remnants of the city's fortifications. Forming the defence system on the river, these are the only remaining structures of the sprawling 9th-century castle and compound. Convenient parking is available at P Broeltorens.

●    Kortrijk 1302: Housed in a structure that once belonged to the Cistercian Groeninge Abbey, this museum promises an immersive dive into the pivotal Battle of the Golden Spurs in 1302. This event is so significant that its anniversary, July 11, is an official holiday for Belgium's Flemish community. Park your rental car on-site at the museum or the paid street parking nearby.

●    Begijnhof Kortrijk: Nestled within the old city, this UNESCO-listed beguinage offers a scintillating glimpse of Kortrijk's religious heritage. It was established in the 13th century by Joan, Countess of Flanders. This is a free-to-visit site and convenient parking at the nearby Parking Katelijne garage makes this an easy stop.

To easily hop between the attractions in the Kortrijk city centre, park your Kortrijk rental car at the P Houtmarkt paid underground parking. This parking facility is less than a 10-minute walk from Broeltorens, Kortrijk 1302, and Begijnhof Kortrijk.

It isn’t hard to plan an itinerary filled with exciting activities in Kortrijk. A tapestry of cultural landmarks, modern marvels, and idyllic parks, Kortrijk can play the roles of both a philosopher’s muse and voyager’s delight with consummate ease. 

        Feed your curiosity at Kortrijk's museums: If history and culture pique your interest, you don't want to miss out on the city's amply-stocked museums. While the Kortrijk 1302 Museum is about battles and wars, the Texture Museum shines a spotlight on the significance of flax and linen in the region. With interactive exhibits, you'll get a hands-on understanding of how Kortrijk became a linchpin of Europe’s textile trade.

        Escape into the city's verdant spaces: Kortrijk is dotted with several parks and gardens, such as the Rose Garden near the Hooghe Castle, Baggaertshof Herb Garden and the hidden Messeyne Garden. You can also drive down to Queen Astrid Park or Skate Bowl Albert Park, a one-of-a-kind ‘concrete park’. 

        Drive around the city to explore its architecture: In your Kortrijk Thrifty rental car, head out on a leisurely drive through the city.  Don't miss the UNESCO-listed Belfry, the imposing Church of Our Lady, and the sublime Gothic-Renaissance facade of the City Hall. Also, catch a glimpse of the curiously red Artillery Tower, another fragment  of Belgium’s military history.  

Kortrijk is teeming with shopping options, offering plenty to those craving some good old retail therapy.  

        Shop for experiences: Rent a car in Kortrijk and head to Theoria, a book house in a historical building. Besides books, this store offers experiences such as cooking demonstrations, and houses a study room and a vegan-friendly coffee shop. For a sweet treat, make a quick trip to Frederic's, a cute little ice cream parlour with a neon-lit ambience, perfect for indulging in homemade desserts.

        Go Mall-Hopping: Indulge the shopaholic in you at Ring Shopping Kortrijk Noord and the K in Kortrijk shopping centres. Covering a sprawling 380,000 square feet of shopping space, K in Kortrijk tempts shoppers with elite boutiques, including home goods, children's products, and beauty salons. Ring Shopping Kortrijk Noord hosts everything from major fashion stores and specialised Belgian souvenir shops to shops selling world-famous Belgian chocolate and lace. 

The Kortrijk cityscape shimmers after dusk. The city takes on an energy of its own, inviting you to partake in its nightlife. 

●        Old-World Vibes at Bar Gainsbar: Head over to Bar Gainsbar for a laid-back evening. Located in a stunning landmark building, this bar offers a casual, congenial atmosphere brimming with local residents.

●        Gin & Tonic at Cafe Prive: A more sophisticated experience awaits you at Cafe Prive. Enjoy a local gin, known ingeniously as Blind Tiger, amidst the betwitching white and gold interiors of the Cafe.


What are the most common challenges for EV drivers in Kortrijk?

Charging speeds might pose a minor problem to Electric Vehicle drivers.

What time do gas stations in Kortrijk typically open?

Most gas stations open at 7 or 8 in the morning and are closed around 6:00-8-8:30, however, there are a few stations which are open 24 hours, such as Tankstation G&V, etc.

Does Kortrijk allow smoking in cars?

Since August 2019, smoking in a vehicle with a child under 16 is prohibited across Belgium.

Is it legal to sleep inside a car in Kortrijk?

It is against the law to spend more than 24 hours in a car, caravan, or other specially equipped vehicle on the entire municipality's land or in any public area.

When and where is it appropriate to use a car horn in Kortrijk?

There are no specific rules regarding honking. However, excessive and unnecessary honking in public spaces can lead to confiscation of your vehicle.


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